Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's a jam packed post today!

Tons of photos today! I decided to jam pack it into one post instead of flooding your inbox's! This first post was a ton of fun! Big sister "M" was running every chasing bunnies! She could spot them a mile away! Her little sister was just so adorable and posed the whole session! Very easy family to photograph!

This next little girl will melt your heart! She was an absolute doll! Check out those eyelashes! 

This next family was a lot of fun! They had babies and kids running in every direction! We had a great location and perfect weather!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brooklyns Photography is Omaha's Daily Deal TOMORROW!!

Good news! If you haven't heard already, Brooklyns Photography will be Omaha's Daily Deal tomorrow, August 16th! We are very excited about this opportunity and cannot wait for it to be here already. We have been working non stop for the past month to be completely prepared. Feel free to spread the word :)

Tractors and Cubbies!

Yes, they like the cubbies!

 Jake is going through a major tractor phase so we of course had to take pictures by this little old tractor! We also tried to sneak a few pictures with Aunt Traci's chair she made but he just wasn't having it! Maybe next time.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sisterly Love!

I had such a fun time catching up with these two goof balls today! They were hilarious and super easy to photograph. All of their pics turned out great and will post the rest later in the week. Also, Brooklyns Photography "Daily Deal" through the Omaha World Herald officially comes out next Tuesday, August 16th! Go ahead and tell all your friends, I won't mind!