Friday, April 13, 2012

High Five For Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren today for High Five For Friday! I'm beyond excited it's Friday. For real. Can't you tell? Seriously, am I in Mexico yet? I feel like it's dragging on and on! Any who, here are my favorites for the week! Happy Weekend!

My beyond adorable puppy! (she's actually 4 but still looks like a pup to me)

My April Birchbox came in the mail! (I will post about this later)

Brian and I had pretty much a 12 hour date on Wednesday! Breakfast at Wheatfields, engagement photos, dinner on the deck and then dessert at Cheesecake Factory!

He doesn't quite know it yet, but this is Brian's next DYI project!

And lastly, perhaps a new Ipad case is in my future?! (Brian doesn't know about this yet either)

Have a great weekend! Check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!


  1. That's such a good picture of you and the boy! :) Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Oh well thanks! Have a great weekend yourself :)