Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday y'all! Of course, I am linking up with Lauren today!

Here is a little recap of my week in Iphone pictures! I am making a promise right now to start using my real camera instead of this crappy one on my phone! I promise! These following pictures will be the last you will see that are full of grain, terrible white balance and just overall terrible pictures! Starting now!

1. I went shopping for our engagement pictures this week! Here is my casual outfit that I'm super excited about! And yes, I am that short that I have to stand on our tub just to be eye level with Brian!

2. I LOVE this! Reminds me of my sisters and I! This will totally be us :)


3. This is the look I'm going for when redoing our kitchen cabinets. No if I could only convince the boss!

Pinned here

4. And last but not least, so pumped for EASTER! Spending the morning with my Dad and Grandparents and the afternoon with my Mom and Gary!

Hope everyone has a splendid Easter weekend with their families!

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