Monday, April 2, 2012

Painting, Planting and Playing!

What a weekend! We spent most of the weekend working on the house and the yard and had enough time to school Brian in a little pick up of game of basketball :) Seriously, we have to lower the hoop to 7 feet so he can pretend to be some hotshot. This girl doesn't fall for it. Either do our neighbors! Once I made him realize we were nobody's and just wanted to shoot around, we raised the hoop so I could sink all of my three's on him :) bahahaha..I loved it!

Did you all check out the KU game on Saturday night? Gee whiz..what a nail bighter! (If I had nails, pretty sure I would've bitten them off) My sister and Collin were of course down in Lawrence for the game and this was Mass St. shortly afterwards:

Mass St. is basically downtown where all the bars and restaurants are. Pretty much looks the same as when they won it back in '08.

Sunday we started a project that I'm super excited about! We painted our black door red! I forgot to take before pictures though so you'll have to picture a black, dusty door before the nice, shiny, red one! We still have 1 more coat to go and I'll post it about it later.

Not too shabby for half way done huh? I also picked up new hardware so we can get rid of that hideous gold! It hasn't quite made it out of the package yet, but it will tonight!

We also had time to play with Cali Mae except she tends to poop out a little too easily!

And lastly, grilled salmon and topped it off with avocado, cilantro, lime salsa! Yum! Have a good Monday!

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