Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beach Engagement Shoot!

We will be basking under the Mexican sun in just a few weeks! And we are so not prepared at all! We still have those last pesky pounds to lose, outfits for our engagement pictures, and swimsuits that aren't from high school! However, before out Mexico trip, we must get past our first round of engagement pictures tomorrow! Yes, I am a picture snob, I realize this! We actually decided to pretty much spend most of our budget on photos since that's the only thing we will take away from that day. This is all besides the point! We need major help on outfits for our Mexico engagement pictures! 

We are starting on the beach at sunset and then moving into town once the sun has set for some nighttime pictures. Here is what I am thinking for the beach pictures:       

                        Beach Engagement

I want to keep it semi casual and very flowy. And lets be honest, no way am I bringing a handbag on the beach! It was just too cute to pass up!

And that's all I have! Still need one more outfit for the nighttime pictures!

Have a good Tuesday! Perhaps I'll post a snip it or two of our photo session tomorrow!


  1. Love the outfit! You should look for something in coral for the night time outfit!! That would be so pretty against the lights and dark!

    So excited for you!!!

    1. Yeah I thought about that! I also thought of black sequined shorts with an off the shoulder blue top. I don't know! This is pretty close to rocket science :)