Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes!

So I've had many people ask what it takes to come up with a set and how long it takes to prepare each set/shoot. Well, I finally took the time to take some pics (very very bad might I add) as I prepared for a few shoots today! Mind you, I started at 9:20pm and am just now finishing up at 1:50am..don't start these projects the night before folks!

I would strongly advise to consume some sort of caffeine before starting :) This was my choice; Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I actually hate coffee and get sick every time but my beloved Scooters was closed, so I couldn't get my peanut butter smoothie.

My Iphone camera is completely kaput. Very grainy.

Here are all of my items for this particular shoot. This shoot is for a 1 year old boy and a family. For the sake of time, I'll just show you the set for the little boy. I decided to go with a "travel theme". I am making pom poms (I wish they had a more manly name, but they don't) and will have vintage suitcases and old maps for my props. Here is a picture of all of my items to make the pom poms..
I don't have a clue why I bought balloons.

To make the pom poms, all you have to do is glue a cupcake liner directly to a styrofoam ball. Make sure to glue them pretty close together to have that rippled effect. This is a lengthy project and it took me around 2 hours to complete 3! 

And here is the finished product with all 3 of them hung..

After my props are hung, I attempt to hang my backdrop. For every shoot, I usually have a different background which usually isn't a big deal but my boyfriend/bookkeeper/cook/pain in my arse was out of town so I had to do everything by myself! UGH! AND to make matters worse, I wasn't using a typical cloth/muslin backdrop. I was using seamless paper this time! Super heavy! I really wouldn't tackle this one on your own folks. So here is the beast! Believe it or not, this sucker fit into my SUV! 

After it's all set up..

You will see the finished product later today after the shoot :) 

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